Yes. If you are currently a registered student with Santa Clara University, then you are allowed to use Microsoft Office 365 EDU (SCU Licensed version

NOTE: If you are a registered SCU student, then you are allowed to use Microsoft Office 365 EDU while you are a student at Santa Clara University. Thirty days after your graduation, your academic version associated with your @SCU email address will be degraded and eventually be deactivated along with SCU/Microsoft Office support. You will then need to purchase your own personal license and/or subscription to continue using Office 365. 

Also, while Office 365 EDU now has Microsoft Teams included in their basic install package. SCU has not enabled a site license to use Microsoft Teams. SCU, instead, recommends you use SCU Google Apps and Zoom for web conferencing sessions

1. To activate and install your copy of Microsoft Office 365 EDU, then go to or click here and it will take you the page,

2. Enter your SCU GMAIL address and follow the prompts to activate your Microsoft account using your SCU GMAIL address. It may send you a verification email to our SCU GMAIL address so check your SCU Gmail inbox and finalize your Microsoft Office 365 EDU account activation. Now, log into your Office 365 login portal, by visiting

- When prompted, select "work or school account,"

then use your verified SCU GMAIL address and password to login the Office 365 Portal and download the install file.

3. After successfully logging into your Office 365 portal account, click your name in the upper right corner and "View Account." 

   Select Install status in the left bar menu and then the link Install Desktop applications.

Click on the Install button to download the Office 365 install file. 

After you have downloaded the install file, find the install file and run it to install Office 365.

Once you have successfully installed Office 365, run any application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and enter your SCU GMAIL address  and password to activate your license.