Emery is the Law School's intranet site. A couple of weeks before Law School orientation, Law Technology will create accounts for all incoming first year students. So how do you know if you can access Emery?

First, make sure you are logged into your SCU gmail inbox.

Open any web browser, go to https://www.scu.edu/login

Enter your SCU Network User ID (SCU Gmail address minus "@scu.edu" )

Enter your SCU Network User password (same as your SCU Gmail email password)

Select "G SUITE" tile icon. Now you are in your Gmail inbox.

Next, open another web browser tab and visit https://emery.scu.edu

If prompted to associate a google account with our Emery site, then select your SCU Gmail account (e.g. JLaw@scu.edu). It should redirect you to your Emery start page.

If it doesn't re-direct you, then send an email to lawhelpdesk@scu.edu (or create a ticket on lawhelpdesk.scu.edu and make sure you provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • SCU Email Address
  • SCU Access ID or 11-digit ID number

During normal business hours, you will get an email notifying you that your emery account is now activated. You will to follow the instructions in that follow-up email. If your email is received after business hours and/or on the weekends, your notification will come the next business day.

NOTE:  Alternatively, if you are not logged into your SCU Gmail account and visit https://emery.scu.edu , then it will ask you for an email account. Enter or select your SCU Gmail account (e.g. JLaw@scu.edu) to get redirected to SCU single sign-on login page. Enter your SCU Network ID (i.e. SCU Gmail address minus "@scu" ) and your SCU NetworkUser ID / Gmail account password. If successful, then you will be redirected to your Emery start page.