Monochrome print jobs sent via SmartPrint_BW_HP_Print printer definition

If you are only printing in monochrome and using the Smart Print client, then you need to send your print job to "SmartPrint_BW_HP_Printer" printer definition and release your print job on any Smart Print printer campus not labeled as a color Smart Print printer. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you sent a monochrome print job to the "SmartPrint_BW_HP_Printer" printer definition in your application and then try to release your print job at a release station connected to a Smart Print Color printer, you will get an error.  If this happens, then you will need to find a release station attached to monochrome printer.

To DOWNLOAD Supplemental B&W printer install for Charney HP Printers to print double-sided: SmartPrint_BW_HP_Printer.dmg 

Color and/or Monochrome print jobs sent via SmartPrint_Color_Printer printer definition

Alternatively, if you are going to print in color, monochrome,or both, then use the SmartPrint_Color_Printer print definition in your application and then release the print job at release station attached to a color Smart Print printer.

If you don't have Smart Print client installed on your computer (and are connected SCU-Student wireless network), then use My Print Center portal site to release your print job to any printer on campus. Just remember that monochrome print jobs only print on printers marked Smart Print BW HP printer. Color and/or monochrome print jobs can be printed on printers marked as Smart Print Color or "Color Printer."

NOTE: You will log into My Print Center using your SCU Network ID (Gmail address minus "") and password. Upload your document and then send your job to the closer printer in your immediate area.

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